Hidden Nanny Cam Catches Wife Pouring Drano Into Husband's Drink In Irvine

A hidden nanny cam could be the hero of a story involving a poisonous plot. According to DailyMail, a California dermatologist was caught pouring drano into her husband's hot lemonade multiple times in an effort to poison him. Footage details 45-year-old Yue 'Emily' Yu in the kitchen of their Irvine mansion pouring the chemical cleaner into his drink.

Jack Chen, Yu's husband, realized that he was being poisoned after feeling extremely ill. When he was able to obtain proof, Chen showed the police the nanny cam footage that detailed Yu pouring the chemical into his drinks. Yu was arrested on Thursday afternoon outside of her dermatology office in Mission Viejo.

"The allegations that were made by the husband was incredibly serious and we thought it was important to take quick investigative action on the case based on the allegation," Lieutenant Bill Bingham shared with DailyMail.

Yu has yet to be charged for the crime, however; Chen was able to obtain a restraining order to protect himself and their children. After describing the situation to police, Chen also cited examples in which Yu was verbally abusive to their children.

In a statement released by her attorney, Yu denied poisoning Chen and abusing their children.

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