DSC 3.6 - Aunt Flow Facials, Backwash Controversy, Movie Villains

The DSC Show for Wednesday 3/6/19: Aunt Flow Facials, Backwash Controversy, Movie Villains and more!

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These are some of the things we learned on The DSC Show on KGB.

Today is Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of Lent. Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and the end of Mardi Gras where you celebrate before giving up something for Lent in the Christian calendar. You can get Ashes To Go at a number of places if you're too busy to go to church today.

A 12 year old girl wants the Pope to go to a Vegan dinner with her. One group is offering the Pope one-million-dollars to go Vegan for Lent. He hasn’t accepted the challenge as yet.

There's a new, micro, designer handbag on the market. It's made by Jacquemus and it's large enough to fit a penny or two tic tacs. And it's only $600. Notice the woman carrying her mirco bag AND her phone separately.

'Smells like Sweaty Pennies' is the name of Dave's new band on KGB.

Do you read the fine print in every document you sign? Of course not. But a travel insurance company called Squaremouth held a contest to find out who does. In fine print, in the middle of page seven, there’s a sentence that claims you can have $10,000 for being the first person who called to claim the cash! A 59-yr old school teacher says she reads everything and she won the money!

Listener Wolf tried brushing his teeth in the way Dave and Chainsaw recommend, by placing a dollop of toothpaste directly into the mouth and then brush. He loved it! No more putting it on the damn brush first.

The 'Big Mouth' TV show lineup matches up to our crew as follows: Clueless Coach - Bromo, Hormone Monster - Ruth and Boyer, Jessie is Emily, Missy is Sarah and Mick is Dave.

Actress, Kate Beckinsale likes younger men, especially stand up comedians. Currently, she’s dating SNL's Pete Davidson. When asked for advice for Pete, one of her ex’s said - run! He said their relationship was complicated, but he wouldn’t ever go back with her. We'd love to know the scoop!

If Aunt Flow is in town you should save it. See what we mean right here.

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Summer School: Movie Villains

Summer School: Movie Villains

$5 Quiz: Summer School - Movies - Playing for Alice in Chains tickets!

Here are the words we had untangle.

Scarecrow      Darth Vader Norman Bates    Dr Evil

Nurse Ratched    Hannibal Lecter   Hans Gruber

The Joker    Jabba The Hut  Warden Norden

Goldfinger   Two-Face Wet Bandits  

Wicked Witch of the West Vito Corleone     Maleficent

*****EMILY WINS*********

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Why we swear so much while driving!

Why we swear so much while driving!

For Every 100 Miles You Drive, You Swear 41 Times

Here's how bad our road rage is: A recent poll found that for every 100 miles you drive, you swear 41 times. That's about once every two-and-a-half miles. 

But 46% of us still don't think we curse too much behind the wheel. Here are the top ten things that make us swear while we're driving.

  1. Someone cuts you off.
  2.  Almost getting hit by someone changing lanes.
  3.  Seeing someone texting and driving.
  4. Drivers who don't use their turn signals.
  5. A pedestrian stepping into the road without looking.
  6. Drivers who won't turn off their brights.
  7. Someone driving too slowly in front of you.
  8. Someone taking up two spaces in a parking lot.
  9.  Drivers who don't wave to say thanks when you let them in.
  10.  People who drive slowly in the fast lane and won't move over.

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