DSC Show - Monday, September 24

Ace Frehley will walk you down the wedding aisle

How would you like former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley to be the best man at your wedding or walk the bride down the aisle? He's up for it – for a fee of $6,000.

The Ace Frehley Wedding Experience is offered at the Kiss Rock and Roll Chapel in Las Vegas, tied in with the Kiss Mini Golf establishment in the same location, during the weekend of Oct. 26-28.

Celebrate the release of Ace Frehley’s new album Spaceman with special merchandise on sale all weekend.

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Eagles at Petco Park

Here are some of the things we learned on the show today.

Dave wondered how much weight we could gain in one weekend. We agreed on six pounds - easily. Dave said he had one of those weekends with a lot of laying around watching sports on TV and eating.

Chainsaw admits to crushing an entire Julian boysenberry apple crumb pie - after a full meal!

Listener Nancy had her first "I'm too old for this shee-aight" moments this weekend. She went to see the Eagles at Petco Park. It was the longest concert ever! The Zac Brown Band opened and did a ton of songs, followed by the Doobie Brothers who also did a boatload of songs. The Eagles played 26 songs. Her seat cost $400 and was only 16 inches wide and really far away from the stage. She was so tired after the first two bands, she felt like leaving. Then Don Henley comes on and says he's going to perform for two and a half HOURS! Yikes! Even though everyone around her was standing up, Nancy finally gave up in exhaustion and sat down, inhaling nothing but ass, vape, farts, and more.

Dave says, "There's only one thing more fun than being at Kaaboo - NOT being at Kaaboo."

This was Sarah's birthday weekend and "the best night ever." She just wanted to pretend she's 21 again, drink fireball and dance all night - so she did. For nine hours with about 14 people. Her husband wanted to go to The Eagles concerts, but sat in the club and watched his wife dance.

Dave wants to know, "Would you rather go to the Eagles concert OR go out with Sarah, who's pretending she's 21, drinking fireball and dancing all night?" Ugh!

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DSC Crew's Football picks

It's week 3 in the NFL season for 2018. We aren't doing very well, but here are the current standings for our crew so far. Ruthie's Steelers play the Bucs tonight on MNF on ESPN.

DAVE - PACKERS     1-1-1

EMILY - PATS    1-2


BOYER - VIKINGS     1-1-1



BRENDAN - RAMS      3-0 Our news producer is winning so far!!

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Summer School Game on DSC on KGB

We played a round of Summer School in a $5 Quiz with a Fall theme today. Our listener was playing for tickets to the Green Flash Concert Series, featuring Venice and Pine Mountain Lodge. Here are all the words we had to guess today:


Emily won today! And she finally broke Boyer's winning streak.

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Nordstrom $530 dirty sneakers for sale

Who needs a new pair of sneakers? I'm sorry to tell you, Nordstrom's "Golden Goose Superstar Taped Sneaker" has sold out. The shoes sold for $530 online and were made to look worn out and scuffed with duct tape across the wearer's toes. Why anyone would pay that amount for dirty, ugly sneakers, we will never understand.

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Rob Lowe will be on DSC on KGB on Tuesday, 9-24-18


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