DSC Show - Tuesday, January 8

Here are some of the things we learned on our show today.

The Bachelor premiered last night. Emily, Sarah, Dave and Ruthie watched portions of it. Turns out, the guy Emily hates - Nick Vile - Sarah loves! But the Bachelor Nation Viewing Parties that were televised in a few different cities were just too much to stomach. Lots of girls screaming for no reason - ugh. And it lasted for three hours! None of us made it that long. At least two women were proposed to during the show in the viewing parties.

Chicago is tired of people criticizing the Bears kicker who lost the game for them to move on to the playoffs. Dave says they're getting way too soft in Chi.

After telling us a gross story about two chick wrestlers, Dave's new band name is, Mouth full of Kotex.

Actress, Eliza Dushku got a $10 million settlement from CBS for “Bull” about sexually harassment from Michael Weatherly.

What’s the first and last piece of bread in a loaf called? The HEEL. Sarah never heard of that. She calls the ends of a baguette the "nubs." Wrong! To toast or not to toast the heel? No way, UNLESS YOU’RE CHAINSAW.

A nine year old twerp is proud of himself for saving Grandpa.

The Fiji water girl "served face" at the Golden Globes.

And these stories...

If you have two 12” pizzas and one 18” pizza - which one gives you more

A Boyer-type licked a doorbell of some stranger's house for three hours, then peed in their yard. Cops are looking for the dude. Thank goodness for security cameras.

Math Proves 1 18-Inch Pizza Is Bigger Than 2 12-Inch Ones & We're All Shook
Math Proves 1 18-Inch Pizza Is Bigger Than 2 12-Inch Ones & We're All Shook
Turns out math does come in handy where it matters most - when deciding on the size of pizza to get.
California Man Caught Licking Family's Doorbell on Ring Camera
California Man Caught Licking Family's Doorbell on Ring Camera
A man was caught on surveillance video licking a doorbell in a neighborhood in Salinas.

A TV meteorologist in NY said, "Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Park." He claims he was talking too fast and just slurred his words together. Two days later, Jeremy Kappell was fired from a Rochester TV station after viewers complained about the racial slur. The mayor said, “It’s beyond unacceptable that this occurred. There must be real consequences. It’s unforgivable.”

"I know some people did interpret that the wrong way,” he said in the four-minute video. “That was not a word I said. I promise you that. If you did feel that it hurt you in any way, I sincerely apologize. I would never want to tarnish the reputation of such a great man as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the great civic leaders of all time.”

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Top Slang words

Top Slang words of 2019

  • Spill the tea- dish the dirt - gossip
  • Beat - applying the makeup
  • Snatched - you look good
  • Basic - anything mainstream - eating at Cheesecake Factory
  • GOAT - greatest of all time
  • Extra - over the top - a lot
  • Gucci - something Gucci
  • Thirsty - seeking approval, attention
  • Keep it 100 - being honest, upfront
  • Ratchet - obnoxious, rude or trashy
  • Spon-con - sponsor content
Boyer vs team

Boyer vs. The Team: Listener Jody is playing for Kiss tickets

  • Question: What did Mr and Mrs originally stand for?
  • Team answer: Mr. and Mrs.
  • Boyer answer: Master and Mistress
  • *****Boyer wins******

Score: Boyer 9.5 Team 0 Neither 1

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