DSC 2.27 - Hot Nanny, Laughing Out Your Nose, Boyer Sings, Neverland Ranch

The DSC Show for Wednesday 2/27/19: Hot Nanny, Laughing Out Your Nose, Boyer Sings, Neverland Ranch and more!

Listen to the podcast below.

Here are some of the things we learned today on The DSC Show.

Exciting concert music awards show line up: The 'I Heart radio music awards' happen on March 14th in LA featuring; Alicia Keys, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Halsey, Ariana Grande, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, and we've reunited The Beatles- scheduled to appear! You can buy tickets at AXS.com OR listen to KGB and Text to Win tickets at 9am, 1pm and 5PM! The show will be aired live on Fox 5, Thursday, March 14th. Get more details on winning tickets here.

Emily hired a hot nanny and Sarah is freaking out about it! Sarah says she's way too jealous to do that, while Emily is pretty darn secure to pay an Instagram bikini model to take care of her son, Colt!

If you’re a guy and work with a lot of women, don't mention them in your daily stories when your wife asks you about your day at work. She doesn’t want to hear about them!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged! It happened on a helicopter ride, because they are nothing like us.

Emily’s husband Eric had an ASNR when he heard Boyer say, “There’s only two Brazil nuts that should be in your mouth!” (ASNR means you laugh it out your nose, which is the daily goal of our show.)

The price of Neverland Ranch went from $100-million down to $31-million due to the bad reputation of Michael Jackson. They’re trying to unload it before a new documentary comes out on HBO where two young men expose MJ as a pedofile.

Backwash Quiz: Winner gets 'Shamrock in the GasLamp' Tickets

Q: Who broke out into a song in yesterday's podcast?

A: Boyer

You can to listen to our most recent episode of our podcast, The Backwash, here.

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NBC-7 San Diego News, longtime sports dude, Jim Laslavic retired last week, so he hung out with us at the KGB studios for one hour this morning.

Laz knew from a young age that he wanted to play football. Jerry Sandusky was his line coach and Joe Paterno was his head coach at State College, PA, at Penn State. His parents insisted he go to Penn State even though he had interest from other schools. They wanted him close to home. His high school record was 0-8-1! Joe Paterno insisted college athletes get an education. Laz thinks college kids should be paid because there’s SO much money in college football. Laz signed with the Detroit Lions right out of college. He made only $50K that first year, so he worked as a parts salesman during the off season. Then he switched to real estate.

Laz says the game has gotten so much faster than when he played for Coach Don Coryell of the San Diego Chargers But then his knee was destroyed and it was over. Dave and Chainsaw thought he was downplaying his greatness. but he was living the American Dream!

Hello to his daughter Hailey who’s a 6th grade teacher driving to school in San Diego right now. His son James lives in NY. He's been married to his high school sweetheart for 42 years.

He worked with a lot of greats in San Diego TV newsrooms at Channel 10, 8 and 7 over the last 40 years. Now he’s playing golf three times a week.

He's concerned about the concussion problem though after taking years of hits in football. He’s an advocate for NFL players now who are suffering from health problems from their playing days. He’s been checked out, but so far, he’s okay. Check out the podcast to see how great this interview was.

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Boyer vs The Team on DSC - Real Estate

Boyer vs The Team on DSC - Real Estate

We played a round of: Boyer vs The Team: That's when all of us get to discuss Dave's quiz question and give one answer.

Then Boyer chimes in on his own, because he's smarter than all of us put together.

  • Peter Frampton Tickets to the listener (SAM) who picks the right horse! He chose neither.
  • Category: Real Estate. Question: Cemetery - graveyard; what’s the difference?
  • Team Answer: Cemetery is in a churchyard
  • Boyer Answer: Graveyard has only bodies in caskets buried there. Cemetery has other forms of dead people like memorials.
  • True Answer: Graveyard is only on church grounds.
  • # of times team gave him the right answer: 4
  • Score: Boyer: 9.5   Team: 1 Neither: 5   Total # of games played: 7

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Find out if you're a beautiful woman or not!

Find out if you're a beautiful woman or not!

There’s a new “Dimitri” on the loose.

He's created 12 requirements to be a beautiful woman according to Alexander J A Cortes who's been bragging about this on Twitter.

  1. Be thin
  2. Be able to cook
  3. Have long hair
  4. Wear makeup
  5. Be feminine
  6. Be graceful
  7. Be sensual
  8. Shave (should go without saying)
  9. Be fashionable
  10. Wear pink and feminine colors
  11. Love men
  12. Listen to men

You can see his pic here.

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