Keith Richards Interviewed By Hunter S. Thompson (Insane)

Hunter S. Thompson interview with Keith Richards in 1993.

This interview between Hunter S. Thompson and Keith Richards is extremely strange. Commissioned by ABC, discussions for the meeting started out with a handwritten fax from Richards that might or might not include the trade off of money before the pair encounter in a hotel room. 

Exactly what occurs after, is not particularly clear. The pair talk about the afterlife (for instance the potential reincarnation of J. Edgar Hoover), the role of The Beatles in popularizing the Rolling Stones, the complexities of a variety of arts (“A painter has got a canvas, but there’s got to be a frame around it. Somewhere. The writer’s got reams of empty paper which he’s supposed to fill with words and brilliantly put together. And a musician has silence.”) and even more in what might be referred to as a drug-induced fever dream. 

The best we are able to believe is that both of these men consumed some of the same substances and joined on a neural level we won’t have the ability to completely understand.

This is the weirdest conversation ever! 

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