DSC 1.30 - Kylie Jenner's Carrot, Girl & Guy Secrets, New Backwash Game

dsc podcast

dsc podcast

The DSC Show for Wednesday, 1/30/19: Kylie Jenner's Carrot, Girl & Guy Secrets, New Backwash Game and more! 

Listen to the podcast below.

Here are some of the things we learned today:

Kylie Jenner is getting another reality TV show. Someone found out she spent $10,000 last year ordering all kinds of stuff from the Postmates delivery service. So they're making that into a show called "The Receipt." Sounds thrilling umm I mean awful.

A woman was detailing her daily life habits online and admitted she puts her toilet brush in the dishwasher! Is this okay or not? You can answer on our Facebook page here.

Email from Listener K : I didn’t know there was such a thing as toilet brush. I was taught to use a sponge! When I heard about the special toilet brush last year, i was so mad at my cheap-ass parents!

Emily said her friend from Australia wanted to get matching tatts to celebrate their surprised visit. Boyer piped up with “What are ya gonna get? Lesbian Kangaroo tattoos?

Hot cleaning tip from listener Eric: (not Emily's husband, Eric) says If you coat your toilet with a layer of W-D 40 it will keep it clean for a month. We're definitely going to try that one.

Le Bron got a popped groin for Christmas. Missed 17 games since then. Luke Walton says he’ll be in full gear this week. Dr. Dave says you can’t hurry it. Gotta take four months off so you don’t repop it. Rest LeBron so he can be in the playoffs. But they might not make it without him.

Pop singer, James Ingram died yesterday and Emily, the Death Czar ruled that he’s definitely accepted into Celebrity Heaven.

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Boyer vs The Team:

Listener Mary in 4th grade was playing for tickets to the San Diego Zoo. She picked The Team so she wins!!

  • Question: Gummy Bears by Haribo. Orange gummies are orange flavored. Yellow is lemon. What flavor is the green one?
  • Team answer: Strawberry (Emily remembered this one)
  • Boyer answer: Lime
  • Score: Boyer 9.5  Team 1 Neither 3

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We've always heard how "public speaking" is our #1 fear. But a new survey of 2,000 Americans found less than 1 in 5 of us is actually scared of it. And six other fears ranked higher. Here are the ten most-common fears, according to the survey . . .

  1.  Snakes. 51% of us are afraid of them to some degree.
  2.  Heights, 38%
  3. The dentist, 23%
  4.  Confined spaces, a.k.a. claustrophobia, 21%
  5.  Needles, also 21%
  6. Clowns, 18%
  7.  Public speaking, 17%
  8.  The dark, 15%
  9.  Flying, 14%
  10.  Birds, 5%

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Dave discovered a website that spills Girl Secrets that Guys Don’t Know!

  • Some of us shave our toes and knuckles
  • Sometimes when you sneeze up there, you sneeze down there
  • Plucking my chin whiskers is a daily occurance
  • Lots of women take the pill for hormonal reasons not just birth control.
  • We play with our boobs like a stress ball.
  • Hit the water slide so hard, it dislodged her tampon.
  • Coughing at the wrong moment can cause the same things.
  • We like to hide our snacks and not tell anyone
  • We can take off our bra without removing our shirts first and guys think its sorcery.

Boy Secrets that Girls Don’t Know

  • They always pull the zipper away from their crotch before they zip up.
  • They thought about having sex with all of their female friends.
  • We think your hair looks fine as long as it looks like it does on stick figures when we were five.
  • When we say I love boobs, you have no idea how much we mean that.
  • When people come crying to us, we want to problem solve, so tell us right away you just want to vent. 
  • Guys have zero ability to hold a grudge if there’s a good apology.
  • Sometimes we sit on our balls and it hurts.
  • We don’t have a problem drying our face and our balls with the same towel.
  • You can find more secrets here.

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