DSC 3.8 - Naughty Girls, Ruthie's Flasher, Dog Anal Glands

The DSC Show for Friday 3/8/19: Naughty Girls, Ruthie's Flasher, Dog Anal Glands and more!

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Here are some of the things we learned today on The DSC Show on KGB.

We have a hard and fast policy against saying Happy Birthday to anyone on the air. Because no one cares. That being said, Happy Birthday to Mason on turning 12 today!

"Sarah is the Stephen Hawking of Disney Princesses," said Dave.

Kid Rock made his first ace on Saturday. Says he and the great Jack Nicklaus were teed up together!

Listener Pete thinks Boyer is throwing the 'You Bet Your Ass' contest just to see Sarah get spanked!

Sarah learned how to express her dogs anal glands by watching YouTube videos. She tried it once, but never again.

Ruthie had a flashback of the time she was riding her bike home late at night and ran into a flasher. She just screamed and rode away. There's a flasher on the loose in the UTC area right now, so be aware.

The Dead Pets is the name of Dave’s new band.

The Celebrity Death Czar said yes to admitting Jan Michael Vincent into celebrity heaven. He's been a working actor for 40 years, and became famous from 'Airwolf.' He died of a heart attack at age 74 last month. He will meld into a threesome with Frank Robinson and Albert Finney.

We're losing an hour on Sunday, so don't forget to turn your clocks forward an hour.

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We played "Naughty Girls" today to celebrate International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women's Day, we played a round of 'Naughty Girls' game.

Women simply call Dave and tell him the naughtiest thing they've ever done. Then we vote for our favorite and she wins a prize!

Sandy - Met a Navy pilot in Hawaii. He wanted her to play housewife, but she wanted to party. They went to the beach and she stole his clothes and left him naked on the beach!

Sylvie - everyone was ordering rounds of tequila which she isn't good at - so she ran to the bathroom and ended up puking in her hands. She told her guy that some chick in the restroom threw up on her! The dude believed her and wanted to kiss her - so she did. Eeewwwww! 

Fake name Amy - she and her husband met some folks online and they finally met up at Thad’s sex club downtown. They had sex with two couples at the same time. She was scared.

Cheryl - pretended she was super experienced in bed. The truth is, she got all of her material from '50 Shades of Grey.' Instead of being turned on, her dude got scared. So she admitted she made it up. But that didn’t make it better. He was still turned off and left.

Devon - was crushing on a guy who loved Led Zeppelin, so she copied song lyrics on her online profile to look more appealing to him. He asked her what she thought of Led Zeppelin and she replied, ‘I love him.’  She never heard from her crush again.

****** Winner*****Kristan - went to Benihana with her girls, drinking saki and having fun on Valentine’s Day, with a great interactive chef. She was at a full table and undid her girlfriends pants. Kept her hand there for the rest of the night. Said it got stuck! ****************Winner**************

Anna (our news producer) - husband was a collegiate swimmer which she hated. The only sport where everyone is half naked and she got jealous. She slipped a note under his door with her thong. She also dressed slutty for their meets and the coaches and parents complained about it!

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