DSC 2.19 - Sarah's Vegas Nightmare, Naughty V-Day Card, Kids Misbehaving

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The DSC Show for Tuesday 2/19/19: Sarah's Vegas Nightmare, Naughty V-Day Card, Schoolkids Misbehaving and more!

Listen to the podcast below.

Here are some of the things we learned on The DSC Show today:

Valentine’s cards had to be cancelled at a school in England because of one card from a six-year-old. He wrote that he wanted to “plow a teacher into next week.” He’s been suspended while the school investigates. SIX YEARS OLD!

Weiner popped out! Yup, the disgraced law man got out of prison. Anthony Weiner served 15 months of his 22 month sentence and apparently was a model prisoner.

Rapper Tekeshi 69 goes into Witness Protection after ratting out other rappers to the Feds. His name is tattooed on his face! Just look at that dude - there's no way he can live on the down low.

Emily was clearly head of the FBI in a past life - she smelled a Jussie Smollett rat from the start! Jussie hired two Nigerian brothers to beat him up. That’s what the brothers told the Chicago cops, along with the note they created threatening the actor. Now the "Empire" star is getting cut from some of the performance portions of the hit TV show.

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Stories of bad little boys

We started the show today with stories about bad little boys, including Emily's 3 year-old son Colt.

Emily was asked to come to her son’s school to observe his behavior. They’re not ready to kick him out just yet, but they’re willing to work with him. Dave says, "it's just a matter of time."

Turns out …. The Top 25 schools in America includes the Bishop’s School in La Jolla where kids can go from grades 6-12 for $35K a year! That’s $245,000. Or Emily could start him out at $18,0000 a year for Junior Kindergarten!

Listener Pete said his kid is also in trouble at school - for saying the C-word! That would make him an honor student at VITH’s school.

A listener in IN said his wife started a kitchen fire and his 5 year old overheard him calling it a “mother-effing” fire. Then he repeated it in school the next day. He got a call from the principal telling him all about it. Out of the mouth of babes.

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$5 Quiz: Presidents Day

$5 Quiz: Presidents Day Trivia. Tickets to San Diego House of Blues to see Led Zepagain.

  1. Regularly purchased slaves in DC and released them in PA - James Buchanan
  2. Face on a $100,000 bill - Woodrow Wilson
  3. Avid collector of Spiderman comic books. - Obama
  4. His middle initial S doesn’t stand for anything. Harry Truman
  5. The Dapper President - he had 100 pairs of pants. Nickname was Elegant Arthur - Chester Arthur
  6. This presidents face is so symmetrically perfect, he’s considered male model material. Clinton
  7. So fat he got stuck in a bathtub! - Taft
  8. He reported seeing a UFO - Jimmy Carter
  9. Nicknamed old kinderhook or Ok which is where the expression comes from. - Martin Van Buren
  10. Married his cousin. FDR
  11. Had pet alligators which were allowed to run amuck in the white house. Herbert Hoover
  12. Shot in the chest, but finished his speech anyway. Teddy Roosevelt
  13. Wrestling hall of famer with only one defeat and 300 victories - Abe Lincoln
  14. So gorgeous, he posed almost nude for his university’s art class - Reagan

***********Chainsaw wins for listener Monica ********************************

$5 Quiz Standings

  • Ruth & Chris Boyer - tied for last place, batting 114, - $20
  • Emily - Third place
  • Sarah - Second place, batting 222, technically tied for first
  • Chainsaw - batting 353, +$55 in front!

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The DSC Death Czar, Emily J Maguire was very busy today with three rulings.

  1. First, the the man who was in the iconic photo kissing the nurse at the end of WW2 died. NO
  2. Major fashion designer for Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, died at age 85. NO.
  3. And third, Chris Boyer told us about voice-over artist, Ken Nordine. Again, NO.

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