Shelly Dunn's Farewell To The DSC Show on KGB

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There was a bitter-sweet celebration on the DSC morning show today. The show celebrated its return to legendary rocker 101.5 KGB while also saying farewell to original cast member Shelly Dunn, who announced her retirement in July.  

The show wanted to give Shelly a proper farewell since they weren't given the opportunity at their previous station.  Shelly spent the morning on-air with DSC team, reliving their favorite moments over the past 28 years.  There were lots of funny, awkward and sentimental moments, that we captured in the video below.

Happy retirement Shelly, we will miss you!

About Shelly:  Shelly Dunn was raised in Oklahoma where she attended the University of Oklahoma (go Sooners!)  She learned that you could volunteer at the college radio station and instead of money, they would pay in concert tickets…sometimes.  Being the music/concert lover she was, Shelly volunteered. Soon, she was able to parlay that into a job at a ‘real’ radio station in Oklahoma City.  That station was Rock 100 The KATT.

That job led to a Dallas gig (go Cowboys!)  

A stint at a couple of radio stations in Phoenix (go Cardinals!)

Then, finally, in 1990, she  moved to San Diego (go Chargers….right on up to LA if you keep playing this way) where she spent 28 years with the DSC.

DSC has a long history with KGB-FM that began in 1990 when Dave Rickards moved to San Diego from Denver to team up with original co-hosts Shelly Dunn and Chainsaw for a show that was initially called The Dawn Patrol.  In 1994, the show moved to its sister station KIOZ-FM and became The Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw Show. After three years at KIOZ-FM, they made the move back to KGB-FM where they hosted morning drive for another 13 years.  It was during this time with KGB-FM, that the team started referring to the show as DSC for Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw. Most recently, the show was heard on KFMB-FM where Shelly Dunn announced her retirement.  

Check out the video below. 

A Song For Shelly Dunn's Retirement

Photos from Shelly Dunn's Farewell To The DSC Show on KGB.

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