Young Girl Nails 'Stairway To Heaven' Guitar Solo

Wow! This Young Girl Nails The 'Stairway To Heaven' by Led Zeppelin Guitar Solo.

Watch out for this youngster! 

Quote from the girl playing who goes by Alex S:

I get asked a lot why I deleted my cover of this solo. So, I didn't, but I uploaded 2 versions of it and both have gotten blocked due to copyright. It's one of my favourite solos and I know you liked the video of me playing it too, so I'd love to have it on my channel and that's why I'm trying to upload it again and I hope it won't get blocked.

Well, let's hope the video doesn't get blocked this time Alex! We love your Led Zeppelin cover. Keep up the good work. 


'Stairway to Heaven' by Led Zeppelin (Live)


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