Adopt Benjamin | Clint's Furry Friend Finder

Benjamin from Last Chance at Life- All Breed Rescue and Adoptions is just the right mix of spunk and cuddle.

He can be a little wary of strangers at first but once he realizes he can trust you, he is your best friend. He loves attention and will beg and beg for it. While it is OK to give him some, his new owner will need to be capable of setting boundaries and helping Benjamin understand that he is not the boss of the household. It is important these boundaries are set early on to prevent him from starting to “claim his person”. If you are looking for someone to hang with as you read your favorite book or watch your favorite TV show, Benjamin is the one!

Name: Benjamin

Breed: Shih Tzu Mix

Age: 6

Sex: Male

Organization: Last Chance at Life- All Breed Rescue and Adoptions