A Personal Note About the Loss of John Wetton from Billy Sherwood

Read the personal note about the loss of John Wetton from Billy Sherwood, the new voice of John's band Asia:

I first discovered John Wetton via his band "U.K.". Instantly fell in love with that amazing voice and the great bass playing. From that point forward Wetton became one of my favorites. As fate would have it I was fortunate enough to meet and began working with John in the early 2000's. He performed on a variety of tribute projects I produced and we became friends as a result. This would eventually lead to us working together in my studio on his last solo CD "raised in captivity". We had so much fun making that record, there was a lot of laughter during the sessions, he had a great sense of humor. It was a very special time for me personally, having one of my heroes in my studio!!!

Fast forward to the last Yes tour in the UK, when we were in Brighton John came to visit backstage... At this point he had been fighting the battle of his life for a while now. His smile lit up the room, his spirit was strong as ever and his grace shinning in his eyes. Never imagined this would be the last time I'd see him.

I'm heart broken over the loss of my friend... He left a legacy of amazing music for future generations to discover and enjoy. To be asked to join Asia is not only an honor but now has become very personal, I'm on a mission to represent on behalf of John!! Keeping his flame burning on stage with us. 

My deepest condolences to his family and friends... He was loved by so many. 

Rest in peace my friend. With love Billy Sherwood

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