World's largest cities? Missed it by THAT much!!!!

So I was reading some news and an article grabbed my attention about city populations around the world.  Let's just say that I must be living under a rock because I wasn't even close in guessing the numbers, nor the cities!   I MEAN I WASN'T EVEN IN THE SAME GALAXY! Here I am thinking the biggest MIGHT be 15-18million...DOH! Silly me.  It turns out that the top five megacities in the world look like this:

5. Sao Paulo, Brazil checks in at 21,297,000 people and the city holds 1.4% of Brazil's population

4. Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India comes in at 21,357,000 and has 1.6% of India's population

3. Shanghai has ONLY 24,484,000 people and 1.7% of China's population

2. Delhi, India claims the #2 spot with 26,454,000 and 2% of India's population

And coming in at #1...DRUM ROLL PLEASE

1. TOKYO, JAPAN HAS....38,140,00 PEOPLE...YES, 38M PLUS!!!! And even crazier...Tokyo has 30% OF JAPAN'S POPULATION!   That is just INSANE!

I am blown away. When did these cities get so ginormous?!?!?  The US comes in at #10 with a paltry 18,604,000 in the combo NYC-Newark region. LA checks in at #21 with 12,317,000. America looks like part-timers here!

I think the universe just told me to WAKE UP. Dear LORD I feel uninformed but on the positive reaffirms that I love living in the country.  38M just flat out scares me ;o)  ~Coe <3

Coe Lewis

Coe Lewis

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