Hi KGBERS...anyone who lives and works in Ocean Beach knows the legendary James Gang Printing Company. Paul and Leigh Ann Bearce are two of the finest humans to walk the planet. Leigh Ann was diagnosed with early stages Pancreatic cancer earlier this year and hopefully will be out of the woods in the next few weeks or so. It has been a long drawn out situation for her and the family all while trying to run a business. THEN comes news a few days ago, her husband of 45 years Paul has been diagnosed Stage 4 Lung Cancer. When people say "life is so unfair", here is the perfect example. Yet with this overwhelming news they have maintained their spiritual sense of goodness, they are steady in their faith, and in typical fashion, they are ALWAYS thinking of others first. Here is their GoFundMe info and I promise you that you couldn't find a better family nor a more deserving family. They are longtime KGB fans and we consider them family. Please give if you can. God Bless the Bearce Family