Florida Man Attacks, Spits On Elderly Man Who Asked Him To Social Distance

A Florida man who was not wearing a mask was arrested after he assaulted an elderly man at a gas station. Police said that Rovester Ingram was inside the store at a Citgo gas station when a 70-year-old man asked him to abide by social distancing guidelines. Ingram did not take kindly to the request and followed the man outside the store and started to hit him.

The man tried to escape by running back inside, but Ingram followed him and continued his vicious assault. He shoved the man to the ground and dragged him into the parking lot, where he continued to beat the defenseless man. Ingram then spit on the man before walking away.

The victim was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, including broken bones. Authorities identified Ingram using surveillance camera footage and took him into custody at his home without incident. He is facing charges of aggravated battery on a person over 65 and kidnapping.

Photo: Winter Park Police Department

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