How To Netflix and Chill with The DSC!

Netflix has a feature called 'Netflix Party' which allows users to stay at home while still watching movies with their friends who are also staying at home!

To participate in 'Netflix Party' you must have a Netflix account, and use the Chrome browser. This feature allows you to invite all of your friends to watch the same movie, at the same time, and even having a group chat on the side of the screen!

So let's Netflix & Chill! The DSC will be practicing responsible social distancing while virtually hanging out and watching a movie with you!

Join us FRIDAY, 5/08, at 7PM -- while we hang out **separately** and watch "GROUNDHOG DAY" together!

Step 1: To install Netflix Party, go to Follow the instructions to install the plugin to your Chrome browser. 

Step 2: One hour before our viewing party begins we will post the link to our specific viewing party. Click the link, which will redirect you to Netflix's website.

Step 3: When Netflix opens, click the "NP" button to the right of your Chrome browser's address bar and that will sync you to our specific viewing party! (Be patient while it loads!)

Important note: the pause and play button affect everyone watching the film, so DO NOT touch them. Someone from the DSC will click play promptly at 7pm. The group will be open beginning at 6pm, so join in at any time, chat it up. If you're late to the party, just jump in, and don't you dare back it up!


Link is also on our Facebook & Twitter @TheDSCShow

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