Emily's Unexpected Staycation Photos [GRAPHIC WARNING]

Emily talks about her surgery and shares photos of her hospital stay and post-op scar!! WARNING SOME PHOTOS ARE GRAPHIC!

For my vacation, I took the mom staycation exhausted mommas always talk about wanting to have! My time off was spent at an exclusive facility, where upon arrival you are whisked away by yourself, NO visitors during your stay. They screen you to make sure you don't have COVID-19, thankfully my test was negative. In the first lounge area I was situated in, I received stylish new clothes to wear, heated blankets, good drugs, a bedside tv, and lots of personal attention. In the afternoon, I relaxed in a room with a lovely, calming sky light and was given a new gown - green this time, which is so my color, my eyes really popped. Then I was whisked away to my own private area with my own server who gave me a rather strong happy juice cocktail, followed by a hardcore nap. I don't know what was in the happy juice, but I woke up with three new scars and my belly button MIA, so it must've been some party. Then I had one full night away from home, in a suite with a view, around the clock attention, constant leg massages, essential oils, a special gift so I can breathe the purest of air, and personalized food selection that was all I could eat...I went hard on the Jell-o!

My boys missed me terribly, and I them, so one night away was enough for all of us. I was in rest and relaxation mode though, so I continued the spa experience at home, spending lots of time propped up in my Sleep Number and cozy new pjs. Definitely not the vacation I had planned, but I felt incredibly loved and pampered by family and friends, so all things considered life is good. And my sincerest gratitude to all of the wonderful people at Sharp Memorial who took care of me during my stay for my most unexpected appendectomy! 


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