SDG&E Worker Fired Over Alleged Racist Gesture [UPDATED]

An SDG&E worker is pleading for his job back after he says he was fired for stretching his fingers.  

But SDG&E concluded that the hand signal Emmanuel Cafferty made about 2-weeks ago near a black lives matter protest was racist. 

A picture of Cafferty in his SDG&E truck was posted to Twitter with the user claiming it is a symbol recently adopted by white supremacists.  

For years, the hand signal signified "ok" and the anti-defamation league says therefore, it shouldn't be assumed to be associated with white supremacists without evidence supporting the claim.   

Cafferty, who is Mexican American, is proud of SDG&E taking allegations of racism seriously, but he wants his job back.


We talked to Emmanuel Cafferty and got his side of the story listen below. You can also sign a Petition for Emmanuel Cafferty to help his cause.

Click here to sign.

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