The DSC Statues [PHOTOS]

HOF'er Bobby Eagleman imagined what Emily's $5 Quiz champion statue would look like......dammit!

Hello DSC...I hope that everyone is well and staying safe. Here is a project that I have been working on since The Backwash episode about your statues. First up, Emily's statue. If you recall, she wanted her statue reclining on the stack of money that she has won on the show. Of course, her statue is made of White Alabaster. Love your Show, BobbyHOF19

Here is what Chainsaw's dunkin' a basketball statue would look like!

Hey's Cook's statue of him dunking a basketball. It's made of Bronze and Cooper, patina and all. Love your Show, BobbyHOF19

Here is Sarah as Cruella de Vil!

Sarah wanted to be depicted as Cruella de Vil, just to piss off Boyer. Well, I think more than Boyer got pissed. Since Sarah is all about the bling, her statue is solid gold and black Onyx. Love your Show, BobbyHOF19

Here is Boyer's Statue...

Okay...this is not for the young or the faint of heart. This one is to commemorate Boyer's Triumphant "Nut Hang" on Channel 8. Of course, it's made of Granite just like his "Bobalones ova dare." Love your Show, BobbyHOF19

Bobby Decided to make Dave a statue too!

Hey Gang, I know that Dave didn't choose a statue but I didn't want him feeling left out. This one should stand in front of the IHeart Radio building. Love your Show, BobbyHOF19

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