Independence Day: UFO Photographed Over Seattle [PHOTOS]

A UFO hunter says he managed to take a photo of a cloaked alien craft on a clandestine mission over Seattle -- thanks to his iPhone 11.

At least that's according to Scott C. Waring, who says he took a picture of the clear blue sky over Rainier Square Tower -- and was shocked when he saw a "distinct" alien spaceship surrounded by four blobs of light in the photo. "This is a great example of a UFO getting caught due to the digital eye seeing what the human eye cannot," Waring says. "And the UFO is like none I have ever seen before."

While Waring's photo has the UFO community abuzz, some of his more technologically advanced followers have suggested his iPhone actually did play a role in capturing the "invisible" activity. They say the UFO and light blobs were likely caused by a lens flare from the phone's polarized lenses.

Do you think UFOs exist? Do you believe we've been visited by creatures from another planet?

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