Potatoes Took Over an Apartment During Covid-19 Lock Down

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Donna Porée of France decided to spend the lockdown with her boyfriend, who lived on the other side of her town. Among the items she left behind was a bag of potatoes she got at the local market with plans to cook them that week. She didn't think twice about leaving them out, but what she came back to when she returned to her apartment three months later when the stay-at-home order was lifted left her in shock.

The potatoes sprouted and had what looked like long, pink tentacles climbing her walls in all direction

Donna told the Mirror, "As I opened the front door, I noticed a strange shape at the back of the kitchen. As the light was off and shutters down, I didn't realize it was the potatoes. It was only after opening the shutters that I took note of this extraordinary sight. I was terrified at first, but after realizing what it was I laughed a lot and shared a video of the plant on Snapchat."

Photo: Getty Images

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