The "World's Most Identical Twins" Share a Boyfriend! [PHOTOS]

34-year-old Anna and Lucy DeCinque of Perth, Australia are identical twins . . . in fact, they were named the "world's most identical twins" at a festival. And they REALLY take that seriously.

They refuse to be more than a few feet apart, dress alike, share a job, have the same plastic surgery, eat exactly the same number of calories, exercise the same amount of time, and even use the toilet at the same time.

And . . . they share the same boyfriend. He's a 39-year-old guy named Ben Byrne, and they say he, quote, "understands our bond."

So now . . . they want him to get them both PREGNANT at the same time.

They're not totally sure how that's going to be possible, and they're thinking it might require IVF . . . but that's the plan. Quote, "We want to experience pregnancy together."

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