These Are The Most Overrated TV Shows In America

According to a new study conducted by, some of the most-watched shows in the United States are also some of the most overrated. The study took some of the most-watched shows of all time and asked residents from every state whether or not they believe those shows are overrated.

Alabama—The Walking Dead

Alaska—The Walking Dead

Arizona—Rick and Morty

Arkansas—Rick and Morty

California—The Walking Dead

Colorado—Parks and Recreation

Connecticut—The Walking Dead

Delaware—The Big Bang Theory

District of Columbia—Game of Thrones

Florida—Game of Thrones


Hawaii—The Walking Dead

Idaho—The Simpsons

Illinois—The Walking Dead


Iowa—The Big Bang Theory

Kansas—Parks and Recreation

Kentucky—Game of Thrones

Louisiana—The Office

Maine—Rick and Morty

Maryland—The Big Bang Theory

Massachusetts—Rick and Morty

Michigan—The Office

Minnesota—Parks and Recreation

Mississippi—The Simpsons

Missouri—Parks and Recreation

Montana—Rick and Morty

Nebraska—The Simpsons

Nevada—Rick and Morty

New Hampshire—The Big Bang Theory

New Jersey—The Big Bang Theory

New Mexico—Parks and Recreation

New York—Game of Thrones

North Carolina—Game of Thrones

North Dakota—The Simpsons

Ohio—Parks and Recreation

Oklahoma—The Simpsons

Oregon—Parks and Recreation

Pennsylvania—The Office

Rhode Island—Parks and Recreation

South Carolina—Breaking Bad

South Dakota—Friends

Tennessee—Game of Thrones

Texas—The Walking Dead

Utah—The Simpsons

Vermont—The Big Bang Theory

Virginia—The Office


West Virginia—The Simpsons

Wisconsin—The Big Bang Theory

Wyoming—Rick and Morty

Do you think these shows are overrated?

Photo: Getty Images

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