A Woman Gets Penis-Shaped Meat from the Grocery Store and Calls the Cops

A woman named Lamia Singfield from Akron, Ohio bought a pack of smoked turkey tails from the grocery store. But as she was cooking them, she noticed one of them didn't look right.

As she put it, one of them, quote, "looked a lot more like a human penis than any other kind of meat." And the more she thought about it and studied the meat, the more she got concerned it really WAS human man meat.

So . . . she called the cops.

They took the mystery meat to the medical examiner's office for testing. And on Wednesday, the lab determined the meat was . . . pork.

Somehow a pork tail with a bone inside it had wound up in Lamia's package of turkey tails. And it was just a coincidence that it looked like a penis . . .

The woman says she's hired an attorney to handle the situation . . . because even though it wasn't human remains, it WAS mislabeled food.

Photo: Getty Images

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