DSC 5.22 - Crazy Ass Exes, Pink Eye On The Show, Students Taint Food

The DSC Show for Wednesday 5/22/19: Crazy Ass Exes, Pink Eye On The Show, Students Taint Food and more!

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Here are some of the things we learned today on The DSC Show on KGB.

Dave didn't want to alarm us or ruin our day or send us into shivers and terrors, BUT he wanted us to know -- there's pink eye on the show. Sarah’s secret baby, Cobbler has it. That puts Summer at the bottom of the bunch. Now she has lice to look forward to.

There's a self driving truck company here in San Diego. Five test runs will be happening over the next few weeks. Find out more about it here.

Don’t use public USB plugs to recharge your devices. They’re convenient, but very risky. You never know what you could be plugging into and have your data stolen. It's safer to buy a portable charger and use that when you're away from home. Get the scoop here.

Actor, Rapper Ice T almost shot one of the Amazon delivery drivers because he wasn't wearing a uniform. He says they should wear vests to identify themselves.

Aretha Franklin's will has been found - three of them - two in the file cabinet and one under the couch cushions. The couch will was the most current. Learn more about it here.

For those of you who read, Game of Thrones author, George RR Martin says, his books will end differently than the TV series. Plus he’s adding unicorn’s. So there's that to look forward to.

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Worst Crazy Ex Stories!

What’s your worst ex story? Winner with the best story get tickets to KGB Sky Show!

Denise Richards inspired this bit when she told the story of Charlie Sheen bringing a hooker as his guest to Thanksgiving dinner! She thought even hookers deserve a nice Thanksgiving and didn’t want her sitting in car alone for a few hours. Emily and Sarah would never invite her in, but Ruthie would.

Steve - His ex showed up at work demanding he stop watching porn.

Joe - dated a girl who hated his ex. He woke up pinned down, ready to punch him in the face.

Brandon - Came home one day and his condo was empty, except for a pillow and blanket. Best day of his life.

Michelle - Her tweaker ex liked to dress up in women’s clothes. Broke into her house and dressed up in her clothes. Neighbor caught him doing it.

Karen - her ex husband's mistress called her at home to let her know she existed and that she was pregnant with his child. Since he lied to her about leaving his wife, she’s leaving him.

John - He’s with his new girl and his ex wife walked in dressed up in marching band uniform with her tuba. It was kinda hot.

Sue - Her ex came over for one last poke and gave her herpes. Their divorce was final the next day.

Randy - he was with a girl for 12 years and worked out of town. She told him some dude was moving his stuff out in a trailer. He gets home and all of his stuff and his dogs were gone. She was naked with some guy. He knocks the shit out of the dude on Easter. Cops came and took him away. She still wants him back and says,' If you love me, you’ll come back.'

Ashley - psycho ex showed up one day with two trash bags and said he was moving in. It wasn’t a serious relationship, but he forced his way in, drained her bank account of $30,000, and dated other women until she finally told him to leave. But he had a fit and broke stuff in her house.

Anna (our news producer) - Unfortunately SHE was the crazy ex. Her boyfriend broke up with her and she tried to get him back. He was on the swim team, so she joined to be near him - even though she’s a terrible swimmer. She got to strut around looking hot in her swimsuit making him jealous and actually married the dude.

DSC Hall of Fame Listener Omar - his ex said she was a witch. Wanted him to spank her with a giant, raw, cow tongue when they had sex. Swore she would never leave. But she was too crazy for him, so he pretended to be a Jehovah’s Witness to get away from her.

Karen - Took her daughter to play tennis and her ex made a big scene. So she left, but couldn’t get her key in the ignition - something was already in there. Turned out to be superglue - couldn’t drive the car. Had to replace the ignition.

******WINNER***********Kristin - She was a weapons instructor and kept guns in her house. Her ex was unstable, so she removed her guns from the home. Ex made up a story that she threatened her at gunpoint, then stole her gun for proof. They trusseld to get it back. K bit her shoulder and broke the skin, but she wouldn’t give up the gun. Neighbor came out and watched at one point. Ex was trained in judo so she thought she was going to lose the fight. K went to the police to turn her in but the ex had already been there to turn in the gun as evidence. The ex was charged with domestic violence.

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An Open Office Concept will be our new set up when the iHeart San Diego offices are finished.

Boyer thinks it comes from “stupid Europeans.” But he’s making things up again. Dave asked him, “Does your ass get jealous of the things that come out of your mouth?” Dave was blaming people with bad ideas, while Boyer was blaming all of Europe.

Dave wants to know what it’s like to work in the open office concept compared to the cube farm? Harvard did a study on this and says people communicate less because of this and are less productive than the cube farm offices.

Listener Tim in Charlotte works in OOC for a French parent company. He didn’t like it at first, but got use to it and now likes it. Likes the more open feeling it creates.

Listener Bob likes its and says there’s more collaboration and people are more focused. Plus, they don’t hang out on social media all day because everyone can see their computer.

The Coach of the Cardinals gives his people an internet break every 30-minutes so they can focus.

Listener Diona says it’s awful. She had it at her last job.

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The Backwash Quiz

The Backwash Podcast Pop Quiz:

A: Which member of the crew is enjoying a bedtime story of a woman who vomits a lot?

Q: Ruthie

Winner: Steve - He gets a Four Pack of Tickets for the San Diego County Fair!

You can listen to the latest edition of our podcast here.

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