DSC 6.19 - Bella vs. Whoopi, Men Have it Hard, Dad Got Caught

The DSC Show for Wednesday 6/19/19: Bella vs. Whoopi, Men Have it Hard, Dad Got Caught and more!

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Here are some of the things we learned today on The DSC Show on KGB.

Paul McCartney and Disneyland tickets will be given away today and all week. KGB turns into Paul-FM on Sat. in honor of his concert in San Diego at Petco Park. Call KGB everytime you hear us play a song by Paul in any band he's ever been in to win tickets! Listen to KGB here.

Paul McCartney is old but he’s still vibrant and a stellar performer… unlike Frankie Valli, whom Emily says she felt bad for. He got tired out and had to rest a lot during his show.

You should plan to be at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown San Diego on Sat. where Clint, Coe and Little Tommy will be broadcasting live from 4-8 pm! That's the same day KGB turns into Paul-FM. Details found here.

Emily still hasn’t told her in-laws that she and Eric are going to see Paul McCartney on Saturday night - without them. Their family does everything together and goes everywhere together. You just accept that fact - no debate. That's why she's afraid to tell them. No one in our crew understands this concept.

Lots of email to the show about Clint taking his son to his doctors checkup. He didn’t want his 13-year-old Gavin to sit in the lobby with the weirdos. So Clint invited his son to come into the examining room for his prostate exam. To make this story even weirder, Clint was told to get in the fetal position and “bare down.” Feel free to email Dave 24/7 at DSC@101KGB.com.

If you're a geezer, you probably remember the TV show, "Kids Say the Darndest Things" hosted by Art Linkletter. Producers are bringing it back, hosted by comedian Tiffany Haddish and will air in the fall. Auditions take place today at Legoland Castle Hotel in Carlsbad until 5 pm. They're looking for kids ages 4-11 years old, - who talk a lot. Details here.

Maren Morris is in Playboy. She talks about lingerie - says it overhyped and unnecessary. About sex she says if your partner doesn’t go downtown - dump them. It shows they’re a selfish lover and that’s what you’ll be stuck with. See her pics here.

“I Saw My Dad Pole Dancing” is the name of Dave’s new band. Listen to the podcast to discover the inspiration or scroll down a bit for the story.

There's talk about making a movie about the life of Boy George. When the casting ideas were being bandied about, Sophie Turner said she'd love to play him. Check out a side by side comparison pic of the two Brits here.

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Dykstra Dumpster Diving for Dentures!
Dykstra Dumpster Diving for Dentures!
Former MLB All star, Lenny Dykstra spent 9 hours in a dumpster looking for his dentures
Episode 70 - Pop Quiz

Backwash Pop Quiz

  • Q: Who won the Perv Quiz?
  • A: Boyer

We record our NSFW, uncensored podcast every Tuesday and Thursday. Then we give you a one question quiz the day after where you win a prize for getting the correct answer.

Congrats to Listener Lane who won free tickets to see the Padres vs the Cardinals!

In case you missed it, listen to Episode 70 here.

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Shark Attempts to Attack Dog, Friends Attack Back [VIDEO]
Shark Attempts to Attack Dog, Friends Attack Back [VIDEO]
A group of dogs are enjoying a day at the beach when a shark went to attack one! Luckily for that dog his friends jumped in and attacked the shark!
Listener caught Dad pole dancing. Should she tell Mom?

Listener Dana caught her Father. Should she tell her Mother? 

She saw him stretch and bend in the weirdest ways and feels awful about it. She wants to use the info as a weapon when she was previously bragging about being so proud of him. Dana saw him pole dancing.

Mom told Dad to lose some weight - so he did. But he’s keeping this new activity a secret. Dave, Chainsaw, Boyer, Sarah, and Emily say no - don’t tell Mom. Boyer and Sarah say she should blackmail him instead. Ruth says tell her. Mom will get a kick out of it! What do you say?

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Woman Caught Torching Neighbor's House...By Her Own Security Camera
Woman Caught Torching Neighbor's House...By Her Own Security Camera
Truth was discovered after she let police look at the archived footage...
What's the hardest part of being a man?

What’s the hardest part of being a man?

Boyer says it’s explaining to a woman that being a deep sea welder is harder than being a nanny and therefore pays much more. This led to a loooong conversation about equal pay between men and women where Boyer proceeded to make up a survey to back up his claim. He later admitted he lied about the survey, but continued to try and justify his fictional account.

Meanwhile, the clear headed broads on the crew came up with more realistic answers.

Emily says it’s dealing with women, whom they don’t understand.

Sarah says it’s having to come up with solutions to everything.

Ruth says its figuring out your role in this changing world.

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Attack Squirrel on Meth?! Wait, what?
Attack Squirrel on Meth?! Wait, what?
Alabama man gave his attack squirrel meth

Former Disney kid Bella Thorne is in a public fight with Whoopi Goldberg about releasing her naked pics before some scumbag did.

She was being threatened by someone who hacked her account and warned her he was about to post her nude photos. Bella decided to empower herself by beating him to the punch and releasing them first.

But when host of 'The View,' Whoopi Goldberg pretty much laid a "Ruth" on her saying, “that’s what ya get” for taking nude pics in the first place, Bella broke down crying. Instead of empowered she felt judged, shamed and embarrassed by Whoopi... or really embarrassed by her own action. But instead of waiting to cool down, she went right to social media and overreacted in a video on her Instagram, found here, and lashed out at Whoopi. She said that kind of talk is what makes kids kill themselves. Chainsaw said that was shaming.

Anyone knows if you take naked pics, there’s the possibility of getting hacked and having them released on the internet. Especially if you're famous and hot! But after Whoopi’s "attack" Bella lost her perspective and didn't take it as helpful advice.

Feel free to weigh in with your opinion on our Facebook page here.

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Nationals Pitcher Breaks Nose During Batting Practice [VIDEO]
Nationals Pitcher Breaks Nose During Batting Practice [VIDEO]
During batting practice Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer struck himself in the face with a ball while practicing bunting on Tuesday night.
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