Read The Memo That Went Viral Last Night To Close All Beaches and Parks

Last night, this notification went viral saying that Governor Newsom is planning to announce today that all beaches and state parks will be closed starting Friday May 1st. In San Diego, it is a fact that we handled everything correctly over the last few days during Phase 1. Governor Newsom even gave San Diego props in his daily presser on Wednesday. It was Newport Beach over the weekend that messed it all up for everyone. The plan was to open beaches and parks in a safe manner and practice social distancing and wear a mask. According to this memo, it seems like that will change. There are City and County officials working hard to let our governor know that San Diego shouldn't be punished for Newport Beach. Today is going to be an interesting day.

Check out video from over the weekend in Newport Beach and read the memo that went viral.

Beach Photo Getty Images - Memo Notification Given to Tommy Sablan by County Official