Wife Carrying Championships 2019 with Marriage Proposal Victory

The United Kingom Wife Carrying Championships 2019 ended with a surprising marriage proposal victory.

A story book conclusion shocked viewers as defending winner Chris Hepworth closed this year's triumph with a proposal of marriage to his significant other Tanisha Prince at the conclusion of the competition. After taking the trophy, Chris dropped to one knee and popped the question to the other part of this winning collaboration. The response was a definite yes, even though Chris confessed, had they not won, that the moment probably would not have been appropriate and the engagement ring would have remained in his pocket!

The 11th annual UK Wife-Carrying Championships occurred on an extremely moist and breezy springtime morning (March 3rd, 2019), in Dorking, Surrey, South East England. The course was very slippery and as a result a slow constant speed was the pace of the event.

The winners were trailing at the turn in 3rd place, therefore needed to make up ground in the concluding phase of the competition, however Chris certainly had that additional, different inspiration to shoot for success.

Partners race over a hilly 380-meter course, which incorporates an 'over the straw-bale' hurdle challenge, as well as a splash area, making sure contenders get drenched before the concluding straw bales leading to the finish line.

There is the absolute minimum 50-kilogram weight rule, for the ‘wife'‘ or individual being carried, as some women carry males yet others are same-sex pairings. Entrants are weighed before the beginning of the contest to make sure they meet this bare minimum 50 kilogram load and any participants under this minimum threshold have to carry a backpack of additional weight to contend.

English couple Chris Hepworth together with his partner Tanisha Prince (not yet married) took the top honors in the quirky function for the second year in a row. The marriage proposal made this an event they are going to always remember.

The couple from London now look ahead to the World Championships in Finland later on this year and will contend for the very first time knowing they are going to become man and wife .

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