Dawn Lawless of Ramona is the January 2019 SDCCU Classroom Heroes Recipient

Dawn Lawless of James Duke Elementary School is the SDCCU Classroom Heroes recipient for January 2019. Dawn teaches kindergarten in the Ramona Unified School District, and is an exceptional educator who is known for dedication, and genuine interest in each child's academic and emotional development.

Dawn was nominated for the SDCCU Classroom Heroes program by the parent of a former student, who wrote: Mrs. Lawless is a teacher that truly loves her job. When your child enters her classroom, you are family. That is her motto. The classroom is family and you treat each other with respect, and as you would like to be treated. It sounds like a simple task, or ideal. It's not. But, she makes it seem so easy. She takes children who have struggles under her wing and truly helps them. Academics are important, but so is emotional health and well-being. She is very keen on this, and truly looks out for the "whole child". She is their advocate beyond the classroom as well. We live in a small town, so everyone runs into everyone at some point. Mrs. Lawless is always genuinely interested in each of her students, and is invested in them. Yes, I know that this may sound like a normal every day teacher. She isn't. There's a reason everyone wants to be in her class. She celebrates the accomplishments, no matter how tiny they may be. She makes the kids very first year of school (the most important one at that) one of the greatest they will have. Both students and parents recognize this. My daughter was in her class and we all had tears when the end of the year came. I knew something special was ending, but I knew that special bond would always be there. I wasn't wrong. Once a student of Mrs. Lawless, always a student, and a piece of her. She reads a poem at the end of the year to reiterate this, and there is not a dry eye in the room. I feel like I cannot adequately explain what an amazing teacher we have here at our school, but I wanted to at least let everyone know of this amazing teacher we have had the opportunity of having.

The SDCCU Classroom Heroes program recognizes outstanding educators and the tremendous impact they have on their students. The program was launched in March of 2015 and has already honored dozens of teachers at schools throughout San Diego County. Teachers, students, parents, and community members are all encouraged to nominate an outstanding educator by visiting this page.

Program winners receive a $500 SDCCU® Visa® Gift Card and are featured on San Diego iHeartRadio stations, and ABC 10News.