The Great Bed Debate of 2019

Help us end a major debate! take a look at Dave's amazing drawing below and let us know which side of the bed is the left.

This is all started witha Tweet from our listener Jeff. He says, a couple he knows switches sides of the bed all the time. Every time they get in bed, they have no idea which side they’ll sleep on.

Boyer says the man chooses which side he wants and the woman takes the other side. Sarah and Dave said that’s what they do too. Emily says her husband picks first, but he changes it up. Ruth sleeps wherever the hell she wants.

Dave then asked Emily how she decides which is the left or right side of the bed. Emily said by standing at the foot of the bed and looking at the headboard. Ruth agreed. All the sane people on the show agreed you decide when you are laying in the bed.

A listener poll is the only why to decide/confirm who is right!

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