Healthy Lunch Reminder from Kaiser Permanente

So many people spend their lunch breaks sitting at their desk instead using the time think and feel better. Research shows that taking a break improves your productivity later in the day by resetting your mind and body. Think of it like rebooting your computer - getting up and being active provides an extra boost of energy and a sense of well-being, while also increasing productivity. 

Here are some healthy things you can do during your lunch break:

1) Take A Walk.  Even if it’s just a walk around the office or workplace. If a walk isn’t possible, at least get up and away from your workspace

2) Organize Your Work Space. Take a few minutes to get your space in order and remove clutter before you enjoy a walk or activity. It’s also a good idea to close computer programs and make a quick list of what things you will tackle when you return from break.

3) Go Outside. A change of scenery (along with fresh air and sunshine) does great things for your brain. Even a few minutes outside can improve your mood and wellbeing.

4) Disconnect. Most people are on their computers and phones all day, so it’s important to step away from them and not bring them with you. If you’re not into to walking or exercise, use this time to relax – read, listen to music, sketch, write in a journal, or just meditate. When you relax you’re better at strategizing and generally more creative.

5) Eat A Healthy Lunch. Take the time to really enjoy your food and choose items that are healthy and provide energy. Processed foods tend to have a lot of sugar, which can make it difficult to concentrate later in the day. If you have a favorite food that’s available near your workplace, treat yourself by going there once a week.

Not eating throws your body off balance. When you’re hungry it’s difficult to concentrate, plus you’re more prone to headaches and being lightheaded.

6) Socialize. Studies suggest that having a brief visit with a co-worker is beneficial – talking improves your mood, boosts energy and improves memory. Try meeting a co-worker to catch up about things other than work. Another idea is to schedule a call with a friend or colleague during your break time.

7) Stretch. Sitting or staying in one position all day is bad for your muscles. Take some time to do some simple stretches to relieve tension and anxiety.

However you spend your lunch hour, make it invigorating and do something you enjoy; whether it’s a brisk walk listening to music, talking with a close friend, being in nature, or spending time on your favorite or pastime – use the time to refresh!

Brought to you by Kaiser Permanente. Thrive.

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