Hank needs a new home :o/

Hi Coe!

I’m a KGB listener named Ryan and I’m writing today to draw attention to a wonderful dog named Hank that needs a forever home. His owner Richard has complications from diabetes and has struggled to stay healthy but is sadly not doing well and cannot take care of Hank as he is now in a nursing home with bad foot sores. Can you help us spread the word? The ad is on our Facebook page called “Pauma Valley Animal Rescue”, we aren’t big but we do love animals and try to help where we can. I’m sure together we can find Hank a home that will love him!

Here is what was posted on the Paum site:

Help find “Hank” a forever home!

I’m 3 years old and very loving but my dad is elderly and can’t run and play with me like I need and he is very sick and in a nursing home that I can’t visit which makes me sad.

I love kids, dogs, cats, chickens, playing fetch and running. I would love love love to have a big yard to play in so if you want a dog I want to meet you today! I’m from Pauma Valley and I’m a mutt but people say I look like a German shorthair pointer and I’m in great shape, about 35 pounds and I love dog food but I’ll also share your cheeseburger especially if you don’t want it because they are delicious! If you don’t love me already that’s ok because I love to meet new people and to give kisses and play so please give my people friends a call and we can setup a play date to meet and fall in love!!!

Trudy 760-415-1215Brandee 619-792-2607Ryan 619-792-2588


Ryan Hoy



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