A friend and former boss just BLEW ME AWAY!

You know just when you think there are few angels and good people left in this wretched world of greed and narcissism...comes a story right out of the blue!  Just when we all need a feel good story.  Todd Little is a LOONG time friend of mine and used to be my boss at KGB years ago.  He is married to a girl I adore named Katy and they have 3 wonderful kids.  Anyway, I am reading on Facebook about his casual mention of DONATING A KIDNEY to a mutual friend of our named Cathy.  Yeah, he did this lifegiving gift one year ago.   Please read this post...and maybe you too can be an angel for someone on the brink.  


One year ago today I donated a kidney.

It has not impaired my health or life one bit. Best of all, it means we’ll have Cathy around for many years to come!

I hope you’ll consider being a living organ donor. There are 114,808 people waiting for help: https://unos.org/


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