Longtime listener needs a new place to rent!


A wonderful longtime listener named Jeff Johnson needs to find a new place to live.  He has JUST survived a heart attack and is a senior on a very, very fixed income.  He is a very kind human being and I would appreciate it if you were looking for someone to rent your room or place...you would consider Jeff.  Here is the info he emailed me to pass along to you.  THANK YOU SO MUCH                                                                                                                          

 Jeff Johnson   

61 years old 



Currently recive social security disability 

Auto deposit on 3rd of each month 

 Look to rent studio,  or a room to rent 

Can afford $800 a month area does not matter 

and can pass background check but do not have

the best credit but am a very solid renter.

Last place I rented was at 748 venture OK.  #3 92109

Always paid cash if go need anything more just ask and thanks. 


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