DSC Show - Wednesday, August 29

New flavors from Oreo!

One of the most popular cookies in the world has come up with two new flavors; hot chicken wings and wasabi. My first reaction is YUCK! Double stuffed Oreo's are perfect just the way they are. Why mess with perfection?! 

Would you rather try these Oreo's OR a big spoonful of Mayo Ice Cream? Don't be surprised if we do this test on our show one day.

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Here' s what we learned today

Here's some of what we learned today.

Dave started the show reading some emails from listeners. You can write to Dave at DSC@101kgb.com. We were told about two ASNR's yesterday when Dave kept talking about "porch hookers." The beverages laughed out the noses were cherry lime aid sparkling water and diet lime ginger Coke. If you don't know, an ASNR stands for "acute spontaneous nasal reflux" or laughing it out your nose. And that, my friends, is the daily mission of our show.

We played a round of Lash Wednesday today with The Reverend Dave, a real priesty guy. The sin sinniest sinner of them all picked up a $250 gift card to Living Spaces. Sinner Carlos took home the prize, because his kid went to play in one of those awful ball pits where he lost his dirty diaper. Eeewwww! 

One of the most hated Halloween candies is getting rebranded. Candy corn is being mixed with sour patch kids to appeal to a new audience. You either hate it or love it.

Did you feel it? There was a 4.4 earthquake reported in LA last night. There were reports of folks feeling it in San Diego's north county. No one on the show felt a thing.

A former soccer player said a rat chewed his toe off while he was sleeping. He doesn't have much feeling in his feet because of diabetes. He went back to sleep for about an hour until the rat returned and bit his thumb. He ended up getting surgery and spending a week in the hospital.

Kids between the ages of 10 and 17 don't want a puppy or a kitten. A new study says they prefer to own a rat as their beloved pet. They just found the experience more satisfying than having a cat or a dog. Our beloved Sarah had a couple of pet rats when she was a kid, but grew out of it in her teen years.

A new kind of whorehouse is opening soon in Toronto. But there won't be any girls to choose from. You will be able to pick one of six rubber dolls for $80 for half an hour. Eventually, they plan to add more diverse dolls and even some male dolls.

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Pink's husband is a pig!

Pop songstress Pink is currently on her world tour, and she's taking her family along for the ride. Husband Carey Hart and their two children, 7-year-old Willow and 1-year-old Jameson, have stayed by her side from country to country. But Hart is getting slammed for taking sick kids to a restaurant. The baby has foot and mouth disease and is covered in red sores and a rash. He posted a pic of the sick baby on social media and wrote that some "vile woman at the table next to us kept staring at him with a shitty look on her face." He told her it was bed bugs. He doesn't understand why anyone would shame him for this! Please keep your contagious kids at home, people.

Would you rather sit in a restaurant next to a table where a kid has open sores with foot, hand, and mouth disease? OR next to a kid with pink eye?

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Daryl Hannah and Neil Young got married

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young got married over the weekend. We didn't even know they were dating. But yup, they've been together since 2014. The 57 year old actress and the 71 year old musician reportedly wed on Saturday in Atascadero, CA in a ceremony on Young’s yacht.

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Bad Moms

Someone on our show almost DIED yesterday! At the end of our show yesterday, Producer, Sarah burst into the main studio - out of breath and panicking! She grunted out w-a-t-e-r. So Emily handed over her 40 ounce Hydro Flash water bottle and watched Sarah gulp it down. Turns out, Sarah vomited right before she drank out of that bottle. Emily was creeped out and certain some of that vomit got into her beautiful water bottle. Now Emily wants Sarah to buy her a new one.

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Another TV news reporter got fooled by some jokers.  Many reporters are in such a hurry to get the story first - they don't bother checking that the information is correct. A plane was forced to crash land on Monday near Boston. Reporter Kathryn Burcham from Boston 25 reported from the scene of the crash. For some reason she said a "flux capacitor" was the reason for the crash. The phrase was made famous in the movie, "Back to The Future."

Please watch the video above and laugh like we did!


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