DSC Show - Thursday, August 30

Dave started the show today by admitting -- he's a forkist. It's official. He now eats ice cream with a FORK, rather than a spoon. Yes, he knows it's weird. But he finds it a lot more satisfying. He loves to drag the fork across the top of the ice cream container and looking at the marks it makes.  Since he's been choosing very chunky ice cream lately, a fork makes it easier to eat. Plus you don't bend the spoon if the ice cream is too solid. I must admit, there are a few good points here to consider at least trying it.

One listener asked Dave if he chews his ice cream too? He said yes, if its the chunky kind. 

We decided to end the discussion once and for all with a Ten Listener Poll. We must accept whatever outcome it determines. Can you believe we had a tie?! Yup, 5-5 with the tie breaker siding with the traditional spoon people. 

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Eating ice cream with a fork
Eating ice cream with a fork

Emily told us about some very cool Nixon watches being offered by Metallica. You can pre-order them in time for Christmas at Metallica.com. They range form $125 to $700. The proceeds go to the Musicians Assistance Program.

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Metallica Watches for Christmas

Lots of love for fancy cups and bottles on our show today. Emily has a Yeti cup for her coffee, a Shakeology bottle for her protein shake and a Hydro Flask for her water! Dave has a very expensive Ember cup that he's in love with. And Ruthie felt totally left out, so she ordered her own Hydro Flask today! 

Emily and Dave's wife, Nicole, are obsessed with high end water bottles, specifically Hydro Flasks.  In fact, Dave ruined a brand new, never been used before, limited edition, ombre, Hydro Flask! He ended up scraping some paint off the top and hacked off the rubber gasket. He couldn't face his wife's disappointment, so he replaced it, even though it was a limited edition.

Chris Boyer isn't one to follow trends, so I posted a pic of his classic, Dawn Patrol mug .

Speaking of cups ... today Chainsaw revealed that he calls the cup holders in his car: Cuppie Holes!

Emily is still irked about Sarah throwing up right before using her precious Hydro Flask water bottle. Ruthie encouraged Sarah to buy her a new one. And Dave offered her a great deal on the one he messed up!

Dave said Emily is haunted by "vomit remnant" which led to Chainsaw shriek loudly "vomit debris!" He had flashbacks of flying cows and Helen Hunt not losing her shirt in"Twister"with Bill Paxton.

One listener named his new band, "Vomit Chunks That Aren't My Own" after Emily said that about Sarah throwing up in her water bottle.

Photos by Sarah BeeBee and Chris Boyer

Emily's collection of fancy water bottles - obsessed much
Boyer's classic Dawn Patrol coffee mug.
What we learned today on DSC Show

Here are some of the things we learned on the show today.

We played a round of "Summer School" today with the theme: Summer Cocktails. It was challenging as usual. In case you don't know, Summer, is Producer Sarah's little girl and we have to guess what the hell the little mush-mouth is saying. We almost had one that nobody got, until Emily came up with Buttery Nipple. But it sounded like Banana Boat. Emily won a gift card to Living Spaces for listener Robert.

The $5 Quiz Standings, by John Tipps. Ruthie is still in last place. Emily is in fourth place and ten and a half games out of first. Chainsaw is holding down third place and four games back, while Boyer is in second place and only two games back. Sarah continues to hold down first place!

Emily wanted to know what we do with our pets when we travel. Dave said Frankie, his dog, does not travel, although he has flown a horse. He said, "Try putting a horse on 'Air Horse One!" And by the way, there's a new dog sitting app called WAG.

"He's a little girl, but he's not a chick," said Emily to Clint about Dave.

Dave gave Emily a history lesson on making long distance phone calls and what that was like back in the stone ages.

And we also learned about a dude in England who is selling jars of fresh, clean, British Country Air for $180 a bottle! So far, he's sold a lot of it to China where the air is very dirty. Seriously??!

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Aaron Rodgers is a rich bastard

Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers is a rich bastard! In fact, he is now the highest paid player in the history of the NFL.

Let's take a look at his new contract:

Signing bonus: $57.5 million ($13 million with 10 days of execution; $37 million paid concurrently with 2018 base salary during the regular season; $7.5 million on Dec. 26) 

Guaranteed money: $98.2 million 

Fully guaranteed at signing: $78.7 million 

New money total: $134 million ($175.5 million over 7 years)

Maximum value (with performance bonuses): $138 million ($179.5 million over 7 years)

Contract length: 4-year extension

Average per year: $33.5 million.   Per CBS Sports.

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