DSC Show - Monday, October 29

Taylor Swift costume for Sarah

We had a "Step-Off" contest today between Sarah and Emily to see which way is faster to walk upstairs to the program director's office here at the iheartmedia building. They had a meeting there on Friday and everyone followed Sarah. Dave said it took forever to get there and she took the longest way possible. 

Sarah guaranteed her route was only "one step" farther OR she would dress up as her husbands celebrity crush, Taylor Swift, for Halloween on Wednesday.  If she wins, she can dress up any way she wants. Emily took both routes, along with Brando, to help her count the step to the tune of Aerosmith's, "Walk this Way."  Sarah steps - 253   Emily steps - 190! Sarah's way took one-third longer!

You can listen to the bit right here:

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 the $5 Queen Quiz

We had a $5 Quiz: QUEEN QUIZ today to celebrate giving away tickets 

Number one hits -   2

Name them - Another One Bites the Dust, Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Queensland is one of how many states in AU - 6

Dave Grohl used to be part of this band - Queens of the Stone Age

Queen the bands original name was  - SMILE

Warren Buffets lesser known subsidiary - Dairy Queen

Real name is Dana Elaine Owens - Queen Latifah

Young sweet age 17 Queen - Dancing Queen

Measures in at 60 by 80  = queen size bed

Company immortalized  by DSC - Douche Queen

This Queen with her painted on jeans was made famous by: Billy Ocean

Popular belief this queen committed suicide by snake - Cleopatra

As the opening line goes this is what the pretty queen keeps in her cabinet - Moet Chandon

This queens real first name was Terrance - Steve McQueen

Name the NYC boroughs that have no queen in the name: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island

*******Chainsaw wins**************

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DSC Football Pool

DSC Football Pool: Week 8

  • Dave - Packers                3-3-1
  • Emily - Patriots               5-2
  • Chainsaw - Chargers      5-2
  • Sarah - Eagles                4-4
  • Boyer - Vikings              4-3-1
  • Ruthie - Steelers            4-2-1
  • ******Brando - Rams     8-0*********

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

Ladies Night at Sycuan
Bohemian Rhapsody
Sofia Vergara vs. Ex Boyfriend

Sofia Vergara vs ex-boyfriend as their feud heats up over the embryos they created together. Nick wants to keep them and she wants them destroyed. She says it has nothing to do with bringing another life into the world - it’s just revenge on his part and he wants to ruin her marriage. They go before judge Emily, who rules for Team Sofia. In fact, the whole crew voted for Team Sofia - except Dave!

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We also talked about Boston Red Sox amazing World Series victory and the father who dressed his son as Hitler for Halloween (below).


Please enjoy the entire show from our podcast on Monday, Oct. 29, 2018 on KGB!


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