DSC Show - Thursday, November 1

Boyer Vs. The Team: Dr. Suess

$5 Quiz: Boyer vs The Team: Listener Dan was playing for tickets to the Bohemian Rhapsody private screening tonight at The Lot at Liberty Station. He chose The Team in a blind pick! Category: Books

Question: Dr Seuss, who's from San Diego has a difficult last name. How do you pronounce it correctly?

Team answer: rhymes with Joyce: Zoyce

Boyer answer: rhymes with Joyce; Soyce

Current score: BOYER: 11  TEAM: 14   NEITHER: 35 

There was a lot of controversy about the correct answer with various sources citing both answers as correct.

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Lades Night at Sycuan

Here are some of the things we learned today.

Today is National "Men Make Dinner Day."

During the World Series victory parade in Boston yesterday, some drunk people threw full cans of beer at the ball players and even damaged the trophy. At least one dope got arrested.

An actor best known for his role in "Better Call Saul" lied about losing his arm during military service. The one armed man actually got a lot of good roles because casting agents thought it was honorable that he lost his arm serving his country. But now the dude admits, he cut off his own arm! It's a horrible case of stolen valor. 

2.5 million people in CA are voting early. However, college students aren’t mailing in their absentee ballots -- because they don't know how or where to buy a stamp. WTF??

“Cooties on the Belt” is the name of Dave’s new band! That came about after Dave told us the guy in front of him at the drugstore had multiple boxes of cold medicine.

Dave discovered one of the worst grocery store crimes - ever. A man was at a soup station where you have different choices of soup and you help yourself by filling a container. This dude was videotaped ladling soup directly into his mouth and then returned the ladle back into the soup container! I had no idea something like that ever happened. Ugh!

Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman split up with the disgraced movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, but still gets guilt by association for his sexual assault charges. Someone publicly shamed actress Priyanka Chopra for wearing a Marchesa dress to her bridal shower. Just stop it, people!

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If you missed "Jeopardy" on Halloween last night, host Alex Trebek got a full makeover in Kiss makeup! You can watch his amusing transformation, along with Gene Simmons, in the video above.

KISS End of the Road Tour
Pooperintendent suing cops

Remember the high school superintendent who got caught on camera taking a daily dump on his high school track field? Now that dude is suing the cops for $1 million for releasing his name and mug shot before he was charged. He claims it's destroying his families life and has lead to death threats and humiliation.

The "Pooperintendent" has a documented medical condition that makes him crap when he's running. He says the cops were vindictive or stupid for releasing his mug shot before he was charged. 

 You can read more about it here. Emily and Ruthie think he should run on a treadmill in the privacy of his own home!

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Halloween criminal on DSC

Who’s the Halloween criminal on our show; Boyer or Emily?

Boyer handed out candy wearing short pants with a box of candy on his lap, drinking a beer on his stoop, waiting for the kids. Then he gave them two candy bars and took one back with a speech about taxes and to vote conservative.

Emily took her kid trick or treating at the mall AND threw away Colt’s candy!

******TEN LISTENER POLL:  EMILY 9    BOYER  1  *****

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Here's the latest episode of our behind the scenes, after the show, uncensored, not safe for work podcast by the crew, we call, "The Backwash." Enjoy!


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