DSC Show Blog - Friday, Nov. 16th

Here are some of the things we learned today:

Chainsaw joked that "Harvard is the Fresno State of the East.” They did a comprehensive study on kinky sex and how many Americans are into it. Hint - more than you think! You can read about it here.

That same Harvard study categorized a threesome and an orgy in the same category. But we recall Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men," defining an orgy with a minimum of six participants. So there.

Our brand new News Producer, Anna confessed to being tied to the couch  by her husband with her hands over her head. She was face up, and wearing a blindfold. When he tried to flip her on her back, he smashed her head against the solid wooden arm of the couch - giving her a a concussion!

Bromo made an appearance on our show today to resurrect the "Bromo Brain Bowl" game. (Worth listening to the podcast just for that! It's at the bottom of this blog.

Charger, Joey Bosa(ova dare) will probably play on Sunday in Carson against the Broncos. Chargers are even favored to win.

We got reports that a listener had a “Reverse ASNR” during our game of "Summer  School" today when little Summer uttered, "Mary Poopins" instead of Mary Poppins. You should check out that game on today's podcast, which is posted at the bottom of this blog.

Entertainer Jennifer Lopez works an occasional side gig to bring in some extra coin.  Recently J-Lo flew to a private appearance in the middle east to the city of Qatar  and performed a 20 minute show for $2 million, plus $1 million for her flight. Crud! Side work, folks!

Kansas City Chiefs QB, Patrick Mahomes, loves ketchup! So Heinz offered him free ketchup for life - but only if he throws 57 touchdown passes. He's currently on pace to score 50, so we'll have to wait and see.

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Marie Antoinette necklace sells for millions

Let's pretend you have two billion dollars. At what point do you say to yourself - OMG - that's too much to pay for that? Dave says it happened when some dope just bought a freakin' pearl necklace because it belonged to Marie Antoinette and paid $32 million for it! It's pictured below and as you can see - it doesn't even come with a chain!

Photo by Getty Images

Marie Antoinette necklace sells for $32

"One Texas mom learned the hard way that you can’t take your eyes off your kid for a second. Erica Dilley from Frisco, Texas, was juggling a lot as she was getting the garage door open. She put 3-year-old Alexandra down and as she turned to grab her infant daughter waiting in a stroller, the toddler grabbed on to the garage door as it lifted up. When mom turned around, she saw Alexandra hanging on for dear life, 7 feet off the ground." From Inside Edition

I can't tell if the little girl is laughing or crying! See for yourself in the video below.


The youngest of the Kardashian klan, Kiley Jenner had an elaborate birthday party for her niece, Dream, and they had an unwelcome party crasher. There was a glorious layout of cakes, cupcakes and all kinds of elaborate desserts, which looked inviting. Until a cockroach was spotted hanging out by the cake!  Yikes!!

Two year old Dream is the daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.  

You can see a really cute pic of little Dream here. And have a look at the whole spread in the video below, thanks to TMZ.


If you missed Chainsaw Sports today, no worries! He has a daily podcast right here!

Chainsaw Sports on DSC on KGB
Bromo Brain Bowl on DSC KGB

Today we played the BROMO BRAIN BOWL! Listener Matthew, whom Bromo called Math - for short, wins tickets to see Weird Al in San Diego next summer. 

Theme: Snow. AGAINST BROMO THE SNOW BALLER. After all, he's lived in Minot, ND for almost five years now, while Math is a native San Diegan.

(The correct answers are in BOLD.)

1. What is the freezing temp of water?  

         Math: 32 degrees

        Bromo: minus 30 degrees

2. What's it called when it’s not really snow or not really rain? Answer: SLEET

       Math: slush 

       Bromo: slosh

3. What's it called when the road is covered in ice but you can't see it?

       Math: black ice

      Bromo: schleeking

4. Frosty the Snowman was a ___ soul.  Answer: JOLLY, HAPPY

       Math: Old

      Bromo: Joyous and gay

5. What color is snow? 

         Math: White unless he’s peeing on it

         Bromo: transparent

6. What are you creating when you lay in the snow and flap your arms and legs? 

          Math: snow angel

          Bromo: snow wedgie

7. Which is heavier 5 lbs of snow flurries or 5 lbs of snow pack? They weigh the SAME!

          Math: Pack

          Bromo: pack

MATH: 3 (+5 bonus points given by Bromo) = 8 TOTAL


Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

DSC 12 Days of Christmas

It's that time of year again when we give a hand up of $1,000 a day during our DSC 12 days of Christmas. And it starts really soon! We need people to nominate their friends or family members who will have a much jollier holiday, where $1,000 will really make a big difference in their lives.

Please go here to learn more about it and nominate someone right now.

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia


KOGO News-Broad, LaDona Harvey joined our podcast Thursday 11-15-18. So check it out at this Not Safe For Work, Uncensored, After the Show, Anything Goes, Podcast!

I hate it game on DSC on KGB

I HATE IT! Get it out so it doesn’t ruin your weekend.

I hate egg shells!

Hate when a co-worker calls in sick, then you see them all dressed up on Facebook

I hate health insurance - so complicated!

Hates that she’s out of her house for the second time this year because of her contractor

Hates that he went to Washington last weekend and all he could think of was the Cheathawks, & Cheat Carol.

Hates that they’re discontinuing JUL flavors.

Hate driving - we all hate driving stuff

Hate listening to the show on delay so he misses the time to call in to play the games and contests

Hates when Rogers boyfriend eats salsa then has to toss his salad.

Hate it when parents send their kids to her school when they're sick and she catches it!

Tries to call companies for tech support and only get voice mail.

Hates that Dave hates guys named Paul.

Hates the commercial that says the average enrolled person pays $5 for health insurance, while he pays way more.

Hates when people listen to awful, loud music in their cars when they should be listening to DSC.

Hates to be looked at like a piece of meat.

And our favorite which coined a new term for our show:

****Hates getting “publicly Shaned” - stop talking!*** Said in the Sarah puppet voice!

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

Summer School Disney movies

$5 Quiz: Summer School - listener playing for Disneyland tickets!!

Theme: Disney movies on Mickey's birthday!

Pocahontas    The Incredibles    Sleeping Beauty    Mary Poppins   Lion King    Beauty and the Beast     

Hunchback of Notre Dame   Nightmare Before Christmas   Aristocats  Snow White and the Dwarfs

Jungle Book   101 Dalmatians    Mulan    Princess and the Frog   Wreck It Ralph    Frozen   Tangled   Solo    

Black Panther   Peter Pan    Tarzan     Lady and The Tramp 

                    ********Ruthie wins for listener Susan *********

***One listener had a “Reverse ASNR” when Summer said, "Mary Poopins" during Summer School.

Top photo by KGB/iheartmedia

Bottom photo by Getty Images

Mickey Mouse birthday

We had a really fun show today, Friday, 11-16-18 on KGB, and you can listen to the whole thing right here, right now!


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