DSC Show Blog - Monday, December 10

Here are some of the things we learned today:

Gary Ho-Ho-Hoey was here today to perform for us and it was glorious! Listen to the podcast, which is posted at the bottom of this blog. It starts around 7:40ish. It officially feels like Christmas now! We're celebrating 25 of visits with Gary. Find him in concert and buy his music here.

You can't spell TRUTH without RUTH! That's certainly true enough, huh?! But again, you kind of have to listen to the podcast to get the context.

Dave was really disappointed he couldn't get what he wanted for the White Elephant gift for our Christmas Exchange on Friday. Says they're sold out everywhere. Can you guess what it is? Emily did!

We discovered the wonders and joys of the Pimple Pete doll with pimple pudding refills. But it was quickly replaced with 'Flushing Frenzy' which has to be the toy of the season!  Dave ordered one here on Amazon so we can play with it on our show on Thursday and Friday. Please don't miss that!

Dave taught us about the best bridezilla story we've heard in ages. The bride wrote a letter to everyone she's inviting to announce her 'destination wedding.' She has a very strict dress code that depends on how much you weigh! She claims incredible photos will be taken because of the Louboutins and purple, green and orange colors required. She says the '24 karat theme' is for a reason and she's doing them all a big favor by advising them more than a year in advance that it will cost at least $1,000 per outfit. A few days later, an update was sent out explaining how sad she was feeling because her letter had gone viral with people making fun of it. She swears she'll find out who ratted her out with a  'Polygraph Party' and that person will pay! Get more details here.

Kid Rock made a lot of folks happy in Nashville this weekend, when he paid off $81,000 worth of layaways at Walmart! What a lovely thing to do. Kudo's to him and his Christmas spirit.

We learned about a very unhappy Mom who had to cancel her own baby shower because everyone was making fun of the unborn child’s name! Poor little 'Squire Sebastian Senator' has no chance of every pleasing his mother or living up to that name. And that's his first name. There will be NO nicknames! She never knew her family could be so judgmental. She comes from a long line of squires and senators. 

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DSC Weekly Football pool

Week 13 of the NFL - DSC Football Pool:

Anna - Rams           11-2

Chainsaw Chargers 10-3 (Can you believe the Chargers have won more games than the Patriots?!)

Emily - Patriots       9-4

Ruthie - Steelers     7-5-1

Boyer - Vikings       6-5-1*** they play MNF!

Sarah - Eagles         6-7

Dave - Packers        5-7-1

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

12 Days of Christmas

Day 8 of the DSC 12 Days of Christmas

Listener Bonnie nominated her friend Gretchen.  And when we called her, she was at the recycling center cashing in her bottles and cans to get gas money. Gretchen is a single mom of three kids, who had to move to a shelter and is now in low income housing. She’s a caretaker for a lady she’s cared for for many years. It's been a tough Christmas for her this year trying to make ends meet with the basics,  and having anything for the kids Christmas. She needs helps paying the rent and buying presents. So we’re giving her $1,000 cash and a $500 gift card from Pick Up Stix! Our best to you, Gretchy!

DSC's 12 Days of Christmas is Presented By Kearny Pearson Ford, and sponsored by California Coast Credit Union and Pick Up Stix.

Boyer vs. The DSC Team - last game of 2018

This was our last 'Boyer vs. The Team' for 2018, so it will prove who is dominant - either Chris Boyer OR The Team. This game is worth 31 points, so either of us can beat 'Neither!' Listener Cheryl is playing for SD Zoo tickets just in time to see 'Jungle Bells!' She chose Boyer’s answer as correct. 

  • Question: According to Wikipedia, the word jizz has a different meaning than what the pervs think. What does it mean? 
  • Team Answer: the eruption of a geyser
  • Boyer Answer: White exhaust from a rocket launch
  • Real Answer: Overall impression of a bird  - Neither wins again!
  • Final Score: Boyer: 12   Team: 16  Neither: 73   Total: 71

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

Win tickets to see Ringo Starr in concert

We hope reading this has whet your appetite to listen to our whole show from Monday, 12-10-18 on KGB, featuring Gary Hoey.


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