Paul McCartney Opens Up in 60 Minute Interview [VIDEO]


Paul McCartney was on 60 MINUTES during the Holiday break.  There's probably a very good chance you missed it with all that was going on in December.

You'll be very envious of the newest 60 Minutes reporter, Sharyn Alfonsi.  She had the assignment to go across the pond to meet and talk with Paul.

Just in this 60 Minutes OVERTIME segment, you will learn something you didn't know about Paul.  

He talks about dreams he has about John and George.   You get emotional watching Paul get teary eyed talking about the moment when John confided in him about how the world will think of him. 

I bet you didn't know that Paul's I SAW HER STANDING THERE originally had opening lyrics of  WELL, SHE WAS JUST 17, SHE'D NEVER BEEN A BEAUTY QUEEN.  Listen to what Paul says about how John changed the quick little line that gave the song an entire different meaning. 



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