This Week's You Bet Your Ass Punishment Involves Mousetraps! [VIDEO]

Team Tom Tom faced Team Brit Brit in You Bet Your Ass

Team Brit Brit = Boyer and Sarah (Boyer made the bets, Sarah answers) VS. Team Tom Tom = Emily and Chainsaw (Emily made the bets, Chainsaw answers)

This week losers have to sit on live mouse traps instead of a spanking today as punishment for missing a point!

  1. Yellow items in the produce department. Chainsaw name 5 in 30 seconds. Banana, lemon, squash, - he sits on 5 mouse traps!
  2. Songs by Kiss. Chainsaw has to name 3. Beth, I wanna Rock N’Roll Everyday, The Face Painters = Chainsaw has to sit on 3 mouse traps now!!
  3. Vice Presidents of the USA - Chainsaw can name 8. Pence, Biden, Johnson, Nixon, Gardner, Hamlin, Truman, Humphrey! He did it so Sarah has to sit on 8 mouse traps!!
  4. Disney Princesses -  Sarah can name 5. Ariel, Anna, Elsa, Belle, Snow White! She did it, so Chainsaw gets his third strike and Team Brit Brit wins!!! Chain has to sit on 5 mouse traps!

See Chainsaw and Sarah take their punishments below!

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