Listener Sends in an Extreme "I Hate It" [PHOTO]

December 2017, one of my co-workers came to work sick rather than using their PTO.

I caught their cold which quickly became acute bronchitis and acute laryngitis.

I promise you nothing is cute about either.

At one point, December 10, 2017 I coughed so hard in a singular multiple succession, that I broke my my 9th and 10th ribs.

You have no idea the horrifying pain.

I delivered two sons no drugs total natural and this pain eclipsed that by a clop JILLION!!!!

I was on LOA for 2 months.

The bruising finally went away, I returned to work but with the lump and with a lot of pain... Not the original amount but still painful.

I went to specialists after specialist for a year for a diagnoses.

Well... In the end it was discovered an extremely rare 2nd event had occurred.

My broken ribs severed the nerves to my oblique muscle.

There is no cure. There is nothing that can be done for the pain. I have to use a walker to get around.

I have to use inhalers and my entite left leg goes painfully numb

My beloved car could not accommodate a walker so I had to trade it in for one that could.

I am a cripple for life because someone came to work sick.

So yea I have a major I Hate It!!!

I know, it is a long one... But I am hoping upon hope it is one worth sharing in hopes that people will think twice before going to work sick.


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