YBYA: The Electric Fly Swatter Returns [VIDEO]

This week on You Bet Your Ass we keep the electric fly swatter but Sarah and Chainsaw are the ones who get spanked!

Team Brit Brit - Boyer and Sarah: Boyer does the betting today, while Sarah takes the whooping!

Team Tom Tom - Chainsaw and Emily: Emily does the betting today, while Chainsaw takes the beating!

Team Brit won the coin toss and chooses to go second.

  1. Name former Governors of CA. Sarah couldn’t name 4 so she gets 4 swats of the electric fly swatter by Emily! Strike 1
  2. Girl scout cookies. Sarah had to name 5 but did not so she gets 5 swats of the electric fly swatter by Emily! Strike 2
  3. Name words that rhyme with Brady. Chainsaw had to name 8 and he didn’t, so he gets 8 swats by Boyer! Strike 1 for Tom
  4. Name States that start with letter M. Chainsaw had to name 5 and he did! Strike 3 for Team Brit Brit! They lose! But Sarah still gets 5 spanks!

Team Tom Tom is way out in front now!

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