We Step Things up BIG Time for You Bet Your Ass [VIDEO]

This week on YBYA the punishment was being SHOT with a PAINTBALL GUN!

Team Brit Brit - Boyer and Sarah - Sarah bets for Boyer today

Team Tom Tom - Chainsaw and Emily - Chainsaw bets for Emily

Team Brit Brit goes first! We’re using bright, neon, orange, paintballs.

Everyone is wearing paper jumpsuits to protect their clothes.

  1. Name brands of men’s cologne. Boyer has to name 8, but he only got 6, so Chainsaw will have 8 attempts to tag Boyer one time at 20 paces away. First shot goes right in his crack! Strike one for Team Brit Brit.

  1. Name substitutes for curse words. Boyer couldn’t name 9, so Chainsaw gets to shoot him again. Strike 2 for Brit Brit.

  1. Name states that end in the letter A. Emily has to name 5, and she did! So Team Brit Brit gets its third and final strike and loses the game! Chainsaw gets 5 tries to shoot Boyer once more.

This was the first sweep we’ve had so far. Team Tom Tom is dominating this game and won four in a row.

Watch the video of Boyer taking ALL the punishments!

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