The Paintball Gun Returns for You Bet Your Ass [VIDEO]

It was Sarah and Chainsaw's turn to get shot in the butt with a paintball gun for punishment on this week's installment of You Bet Your Ass!

Team Tom Tom is made up of Chainsaw and Emily. Four games ahead of Team Brit-Brit leading 4 to 2.

Chain takes the pain, while Emily does his bidding.

Team Brit Brit is Boyer and Sarah. 

Sarah take the pain, while Boyer does her bidding

The paintball gun is the weapon of torture today when they lose a point and get an incorrect answer. Three points and you lose the game!

  1. Name organs of the human body. Chainsaw has to name 9, but he only named 7, so Boyer has nine chances to shoot him one time in the ass. He missed them ALL! Boyer blamed the gun. One strike for Team Tom Tom!  1-0
  2. Name the first 20 elements on the periodic table of elements. Sarah had to name 4, but she only named 1, so Emily gets 4 chances to shoot Sarah in the butt once. Missed all 4. One strike against Team Brit Brit. Score: 1-1
  3. Name current hotels on the Vegas strip. Sarah had to name 7, and she did it! So Boyer gets 7 chances to shoot Chainsaw’s ass once. Missed all 7 shots. Two strikes against Team Tom Tom. Score - 2-1
  4. Name states that end with letter “S.” Sarah had to name 5, but she only named 2. Emily gets 5 chances to shoot Sarah ass once.! Emily shot Sarah with the first shot! Team Brit Brit has 2 strikes. So it’s 2-2
  5. How many gemstones can you name? Sarah has to name 6 and she did! Team Brit - Brit wins. Their slump is over! They won 3-2! Boyer gets 6 chances to shoot Chainsaw in the butt. Boyer missed every shot. Boyer and Sarah win 3-2!

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