Clint Does New York Photos

My family and I went to New York for a week. What a place. So many things to see and do and pay off the credit card I jacked up. It's worth it though. The memories we will share for a lifetime are why we went to The Big Apple.We had our first ride on a subway, visited the 911 Memorial. This was very heavy. It started off as a memory that helps us remember all of the those people and Heroes but when you walk through the inner glass doors to the middle portion of the museum, that's when it hit us. The voicemails you hear, the pictures you see of the devastation and the lives we lost on that day. I'm glad my boys got to see it so they know that incredible humans have paid a hefty price for us to roam freely in this great Country. We also visited St. Patrick's Cathedral which is absolutely stunning in it's meaning and it's architectural beauty. Rockefeller Center was awesome as well. The Top Of The Rock was spectacular with a view of the entire City. Wall Street was surreal with all of the movies I've seen over the years. The bull statue was pretty fun with a humorous photo that my boys and I took in the gallery. The pizza...amazing. Little Italy, China Town and so many other musts on a long list were incredible. Central Park was everything I thought it would be and seeing where John Lennon lived and was shot was both fascinating and very sad. We stayed at The Benjamin Hotel in Mid Town Manhattan. It's a nice boutique type of hotel. I was stepping out of the elevator when Ice Cube was stepping in. That was a shock and when I talked with the front desk about it they told me that Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Olivia Newton John and several others have stayed there in the past. I was surprised because compared to the other hotels in the area this was the most affordable we could find. I recommend it if you're staying in the area. I also had a chance (thanks to my pal Bob Buchman), to take a train to Oyster Bay in Long Island to see Billy Joel's personal motorcycle collection. A big thanks to not only Bob, but Alex as well. He is Billy's personal mechanic and he took the time to meet me at the location to show me the bikes and tell me some great stories. Times Square is amazing and we saw two Broadway shows. Dear Evan Hansen and Kiss Me Kate. That was pretty special as it was my first time, along with my Son's Dylan and Gavin. My wife had seen two shows years ago on Broadway but it was almost as if it was her first time as well because she could see our reaction to this great family trip. If you can make it to New York I say do it but keep one thing in'll want to jam a horn up somebody's kaazoo! They NEVER STOP HONKING!


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