YBYA LIVES! Pay Off is Professional Waxing [VIDEO]

You Bet Your Ass LIVES! this week's ass punishment is a hot wax done by a pro!

Team Tom Tom - Emily and Chainsaw. Chainsaw pitches, Em takes it.

Team Brit Brit - Sarah and Boyer. Sarah pitches and Boyer takes it.

Three strikes and you lose. Team Tom Tom is winning the series.

Team Brit Brit goes first .

  1. Name TV network names. Emily has to name 9 and she did easily. Boyer has to get 9 ass waxings! Brit Brit gets a strike. 1-0
  2. Brands of dog food. Boyer has to name 5 and he did, so Emily has to get 5 ass waxings. Tom Tom has one strike. 1-1.
  3. Girls names that start with a “T.” Emily has to name 8 but she didn’t so she gets 8 hot wax strips. TomTom has 2 strikes. 2-1
  4. Disco bands. Boyer has to name 5 but he doesn’t, so he gets 5 hot wax strips. BritBrit 2 strikes. 2-2
  5. How many states border Missouri? Boyer has to name 3 and he didn’t so Team TomTom wins again! Boyer gets 3 wax strips. 3-2

Waxing provided by Michelle from BellaBun Skincare


Feel free to text/call for an appointment 619.871.5183

You can also find Michelle on Yelp!

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