Ice in The Pants for YBYA [VIDEO]

You Bet Your Ass, ICE IN THE PANTS! 

Girls Team - Sarah and Emily; Sarah takes the punishment VS. Guys Team - Boyer and Chainsaw; Boyer takes punishment

Today’s punishment is a scoop of ice in the pants!

Total Score since the new teams is: 1-1

  1. How many Olympic sports are played on ice? Sarah has to name 4, but she didn’t, so she gets 4 scoops of ice in her pants. Strike 1 for Girls
  2. Words with ICE in them like ‘twice.’ Sarah has to name 3 and she did, so Boyer gets 3 scoops of ice in his pants. Guys get 1 strike. Score is tied 1-1.
  3. How many TV judges can you name? - Boyer has to name 3 and he did, so Sarah gets 3 scoops ice in her pants. Score is 2-1, in favor of the Guys.
  4. How many winning hands in poker can you name? Boyer has to name 6 and he didn’t so he gets 6 scoops of ice in the pants. That makes the score tied at 2-2.
  5. How many cereal mascots can you name? Sarah has to name 5 and she did, so Boyer gets 5 scoops of ice in his pants and the GIRLS WIN THE GAME!! 3-2

Total Score: Girls 2, Guys 1  

Listener Scott played for the Girls Team and he wins tickets to ZZ Top!

Total scoops of ice in pants: Sarah 7 and Boyer 14

The aftermath...

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